Design and Construction

At Green Acres, we specialize in landscape design and construction. By creating beautiful outdoor rooms and extending your living space, we bring you closer to nature. Our goal is to both maximize your property value, as well as your usable space.

Our services include design and consultation, site prep, and installation. As a Virginia Class A Contractor and Certified Landscape Architect, Green Acres takes on a wide variety of project types such as landscapeshardscapes and waterscapes.

We begin the landscaping process by conducting a landscape design and consultation meeting where we listen to your input about your dreams, your tastes, and lifestyle. We then combine all that with the property and structural elements to create a plan drawing.

The drawing or diagram is an accurate scaled installation plan detailing each plant, hardscape item, waterscape feature and existing elements that will be incorporated into your landscaping project.

Your plan drawing will be explained to you beginning with what you can expect from each plant or feature in its beginning stages to full growth or development. This plan can be revised through a series of planning meetings until the ultimate design for your project is achieved. Upon you satisfaction with the landscape design plan Green Acres will begin the landscaping project. Formal education, supplemented with continuous training, and twenty five years of experience are combined to create and install the landscape you desire.

Projects can be completed in whole or in stages depending on your budget or scheduling needs.

Please contact us today to get started. Send us an email or call us at 540-268-5055.